Dream Theater's new self-titled album is now available for streaming in full via Rolling Stone. The band's 12th studio record is sure to please fans, offering epic sound, progressive mastery and some of the heaviest material of Dream Theater's career.

'Dream Theater' will be out via Roadrunner Records on Sept. 24, so before you go out and buy a copy of the disc, you can listen to the entire thing right now. The 68-minute record is packed with the lengthy, beefed-up tracks Dream Theater fans pine for, including the five-part, 22-minute epic "Illumination Theory."

We recently spoke with Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci at the band's release part for the eponymous album, where he spoke about the heavier qualities of 'Dream Theater.' "I just wanted the guitar to sound like … you know in the movies like 'Jurassic Park' when the T-Rex is just screaming and the hair blows back? That is what I wanted the guitar to sound like," says Petrucci. "That, and chocolate cake. But yeah, I think the nature of the guitar with the preamp in it has more of an open sound, a lot more overtones and highs. Having Rich [Chycki] engineer it, the stuff that he does always has guts and balls and punch. When were were writing we were like, 'This f---ing is so heavy! It’s awesome!' It was conscious, absolutely."

Rolling Stone is hosting the stream of 'Dream Theater,' so click the red button below to hear the full album!