It's a dog's life they say. Well, tomorrow it's certainly their afternoon at Graff Dairy. May 6th is Ice Cream Cones-Forever Homes event from 1-4pm.

I'm happy to report I've been to Graff Dairy. I know it's a local landmark and last weekend I made it by to sample some of their world-class ice cream. It was great. I had the peach flavor with cheesecake chunks on top. Yum!

Ray Michaels

Tomorrow looks to be another beautiful day for the Roice-Hurst Humane Society fundraising/adoption event. If you're looking for a pet, don't miss this! Dogs will be on site for adopting at a discounted price!

Ray Michaels

Graff Dairy too will be donating a portion of their proceeds that day to Roice-Hurst Humane SocietyGraff Dairy will also be rolling out their new Vienna Beef Hot Dogs and Chicago Dogs! Sounds yummy! Graff will now be offering these world-class hot dogs to compliment their awesome ice cream!

Ray Michaels

So come on out. Graff Dairy is at 581 29 Road. Just look for this cool ride out front. It's all for a great cause and spring is the perfect time to adopt a pet. We'll see you there!

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