Most people don't seem to mind public weed vaping.

According to a recent poll, people don't mind vaping cannabis in public. Let's first remind everyone that public cannabis consumption is illegal in Colorado. Actually, it's not legal anywhere in the US, but of 1,000 persons polled 94% of cannabis users said they don't care if they noticed someone vaping in public. Surprisingly 76% of non-users said they're cool with it too.

The survey says too that most people witness persons vaping weed in the expected places. Outdoor concerts, at the park, street corners, outside of a bar, or outside of a restaurant where the typical public vape spots. Even though most people don't mind public vaping, over a third of those responding said that doing so at those places wasn't cool. Inside a restaurant, public bathroom, and on the job where places most everyone agrees it's never ok.

What are your thoughts? Are you cool with public weed vaping? Most everyone agrees that firing up a joint or a bowl in public isn't cool, but we're talking vape here. Does someone vaping weed in an outdoor space bother you?

Credit: Westworld 

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