While I was walking around on Lakeside Drive in Grand Junction, I came across something questionable. I don't know what this marker means, so that's why I'm asking you.

I was taking a nice evening stroll around Lake Lenore off Lakeside Drive.The sunset was setting, the air was chilling and I felt like walking. Even though I went to the gym that morning, I really wanted to spend some time outside.

The ducks were quacking, following my every move hoping that I have something delicious to share. A few geese stared as if to warn me not to get too close.

I continued doing laps around Lake Lenore as the sun was setting. When I was walking home, I took a different route back and came across something questionable.

I see the metal marker pictured above, but it doesn't look like I expected it to. There's a lot of numbers on the marker, but they seem randomly assorted. I was expecting to see 'City of Grand Junction' or maybe even 'Lake Lenore" but it has neither.

The marker has dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and a single caterpillar and spider. Here are the numbers on the marker:


Do you know the meaning behind this marker? If you do, please let me know because it's driving me crazy.

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