I claim to be a fully-grown adult. My wife may have evidence that disproves this, but I think my age qualifies me. I will admit that it's tough to back up my claim when I spend much of my free time playing video games. I'm not alone in my shame.

Gamasutra reported that over 50% of all adults play video games and that was over eight years ago. That number has to be much higher now. The Washington Post even claimed that the Entertainment Software Association had proof that women play more than men.

My favorite games are sports and I can frequently be found trying to raise my batting average in Sony's MLB 15 The Show.

My player right now is at Triple-A level batting .383 with 62 RBI's by the way. I can't believe that I just admitted this in public. Even more shameful, my other favorite titles are golf and truck driving games.

Doc Holliday

The Cardinals need a pinch hitter and look who the manager is sending to the plate.

Doc Holliday

Somebody just went yard! See what happens? Put a game controller in my hand and I turn into a 12-year-old.

Is this sort of behavior something you approve of or is this childish?