The graffiti under Grand Junction's 5th Street bridge reads "Art on the Bridges is a Gift - thank you GJ, CO." Do you agree?

The photo above was taken from the Riverfront Trail as it passes under the bridge. As you can see, graffiti adorns several of the bridge's pillars.

In your opinion, is it art?

Here's the part where I embarrass myself. When I saw the words "Art on the Bridges" I automatically assumed it was some kind of "program" initiated by a local organization. In other words, it was my belief the painting on the bridges was "condoned" or even authorized.

After an internet search, no evidence of any such initiative was discovered. Silly me.

What do you think, is this a gift? I'm sincerely asking. Obviously, some people like it. Then again, some people hate it. Personally, I would prefer the bridges be left alone.