A District 51 teacher allegedly cut a student's hair without permission from his parents. The Redlands Middle School teacher cut almost 8 inches of hair off.

A teacher at Redlands Middle School in Grand Junction is currently being investigated for allegedly cutting a student's hair. Anne Shoffstall allegedly cut almost eight inches of Xander Scotland's hair off without his parent's permission.

According to KKCO, Xander's family are naturalists and of Cherokee heritage and it's against their belief to cut their hair. Xander is a special needs student and is new at the school. Zander told his parents that his teacher made him feel as if he would be in trouble if he didn't let her cut it.

After KKCO shared the story on Facebook, Shoffstall's coworkers, parents of students and other members of the community came to her defense, stating she's a great teacher and that only one side of the story is being told.

While others were outraged that a teacher would do such a thing, saying no teacher should ever touch a student without the parent's consent.

Anna Shoffstall is currently still a teacher at Redlands Middle School. An investigation is being done and according to KKCO, it's currently in the hands of human resources. Xander's family is frustrated and feels that the school hasn't done enough, or anything about the situation.

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