The rock 'n' roll dream is alive and well and Tempe as Dirty Honey welcomed a special guest on vocals during their welcome back to the concert stage. A 12-year-old superfan Vedder Gabriel recently had the opportunity to sing a bit of "Rolling 7s" after singer Marc LaBelle spotted him when he came out to the crowd.

"OMG! I got to sing with Dirty Honey," beamed Gabriel in the video posting of the experience below. "Thank You to Mark, John, Corey, Justin and Mr. DiDia for the opportunity and the support! I love these guys and their sound so much! It’s been over 450 days since I saw my last live concert and now we’re back baby! So proud to witness Dirty Honey and Joyous Wolf welcome ROCK back to the valley!"

Indeed, for young Vedder Gabriel his last show prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was Dirty Honey, so this provided a full circle return to seeing concerts again.

And for those wondering, Vedder getting to sing wasn't a random thing. The 12-year-old has been posting to the band's Facebook and had started a correspondence with the band's members, enough so that when he approached LaBelle at the show he was met with recognition. The band's singer had previously invited the youth down to the band's barricade area prior to him being invited up to sing.

Dirty Honey continue to make their way across the U.S. in their return to live music. Check out their upcoming dates here.

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Watch 12-Year-Old Vedder Gabriel Sing With Dirty Honey

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