Rita Haney, longtime girlfriend of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott, has shared her support for a potential tribute tour featuring Philip Anselmo, Rex Brown and Zakk Wylde. However, she stopped short at supporting a full-on reunion of Pantera.

Anselmo has already offered fans a Pantera tribute, playing the band’s iconic songs while opening on Slayer’s farewell tour. The sets were a hit and only fueled speculation that Anselmo and Brown could take Pantera on the road, with Dimebag’s longtime friend Zakk Wylde on guitar.

Asked her opinion by Eric Blair, Rita Haney shared her thoughts on the subject. “I definitely would [be okay with a tour]. I’d wanna be at every show.”

"But as far as trying to put Pantera back together? No, that's distasteful without those other guys. But I think as a tribute, it would be a really great thing because I know, from a fan's point, if I hadn't been able to see them play or hear those songs - I can imagine other people as well, I think it's great that they could at least see it performed, and by people that truly love 'em. So, yeah, I think it would be a really cool thing."

With at the Ronnie James Dio 10th Annual Memorial Awards Gala, Haney also revealed her battle with ovarian cancer. “For a whole year, I was doing treatments, and I had no clue what was gonna happen. I kept it pretty quiet. But Wendy [Dio] works with some great people, these people helped me. It means a lot to me, for this foundation [Stand Up and Shout] to just bring awareness to any sort of cancer. So, yeah, it's more than words."

Back in 2017, Rex Brown told Loudwire that Pantera have been “close” to reuniting in the past. Watch that video here.

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