What is better than gossiping over the personal lives of celebrities? Discussing the personal business of the leader of comome fresh airmunist North Korea.

No one really cares if people like the president's wife gets to step outside and get some fresh air, but when it's a dictator's wife who has been missing for months the world wonders what's up. Apparently Kim Jong Un has been busy getting it on with his bride as pregnancy rumors now hit the country.

The wife of the new leader, who kills people with mortars for not being sad enough, hasn't been seen in public in months and new photos apparently show hits of her being pregnant. She was seen on Monday with the leader to mark the 60th anniversary of Kim Il Sung Military Universit, where they train their people to fight the world.

South Korea, the better of the two Koreas, has added to the speculation on if she's with child or was banished for two months. Why was she banished? Because she apparently forgot to put on her communist lapel pins of the former leaders which is required to be worn by all adults.