DevilDriver broke their streak of releasing an album every other year as they inch closer to Trust No One hitting the shelves on May 13. The extra year was well worth the wait as evident by the crushing new track "My Night Sky."

Opening with a delicate, palm-muted guitar melody, the tension mounts. Distorted chugs and thundering tom strikes build anticipation with Dez Fafara's venomous howls signaling one of the more evil sounding tracks in DevilDriver's discography. Punishing grooves clobber their way through the verse, anchored by flurried kicks and a catchy rhythmic vocal delivery. The chorus is given a slight industrial feel, backed by a simple and effective melody.

Playing with intensity, the song suddenly becomes barren at the halfway mark, resembling the chilling introduction. A tremolo-picked lead cracks the air, only to drop out again as DevilDriver toy with their Jekyll and Hyde-esque arrangement.

Commenting on the lyrical themes, Fafara stated, “'My Night Sky'... about a negative person trying to literally ruin the night as heard by the line 'you've poisoned the wine / and it's my night' ...And instead turning it around on them, showing them a mirror of themselves as heard in the first line of the verse 'desperate in your sadness / so wear black cloth.' Showing that person that it's indeed their own negative thoughts of themselves that are not only ruining the night but in fact their life ....SMACK!”

Fans can pre-order DevilDriver's Trust No One here. The band is in the midst of a headlining run right now and will be heading back out on the road in support of Hatebreed starting May 13. A full list of tour stops can be seen at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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