Wouldn't Grand Junction benefit from street upgrades?

In Denver, over $1 million in marijuana tax revenue is going for street repaving and infrastructure. Now that winter is behind us it's officially "paving season." This year the city of Denver will have more money to spend on just that. Isn't this yet another example of why Grand Junction should get in the pot tax revenue game?

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says, “We are using $1.2 million in 2018 from our marijuana revenue to help increase the number of lane miles we’re going to pave in the City of Denver. So, 450 lane miles throughout the City of Denver will be paved this summer primarily arterial and collectors.

The extra $1.2 million comes directly from the more than $13 million in 2017 marijuana tax revenue for the city of Denver. Imagine what could be done with a similar tax revenue stream here. Isn't it time for the city of Grand Junction face reality and start benefiting from what other cities and towns are already? Seem's pretty obvious to me.

Credit: CBS Denver

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