On any given clear night, you can find me outside looking up at the stars. Normally when I am doing this, I am only looking for just a few moments while my dog does her thing before bed.

Sometimes we can spend hours looking up at the stars. Colorado is known for being able to see so many stars so clearly. That even includes all the light pollution of Denver. According to Compare the Market, Denver is the best city in the world for stargazing.

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Denver does have quite a bit of light pollution, but there are many other factors that come into play when looking up at the stars. Altitude, annual precipitation, and temperatures all can affect what you see in the sky.

A total of 5 top cities internationally made it onto the list of best stargazing cities, but the Mile High City came in with top honors. Numerous other cities in the United States ranked as some of the best cities to stargaze too. Other top 20 cities in the United States include:

  • El Paso, Texas - Ranked 2nd
  • Las Vegas, Nevada - Ranked 6th
  • Phoenix, Arizona - Ranked 7th
  • San Diego, California - Ranked 18th

The next time you are outside on a clear night in Denver, look up. When you see those stars, it's the absolute best view you are going to get in the world inside the city when it comes to gazing at stars.

Source: Compare the Market

STUNNING: Nighttime photos show the Milky Way over Colorado national parks and monuments

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If you're the road-trip type, they're all reachable in a day's drive from Colorado.

While the majority of tourists visiting these parks only witness the phenomenal views during the day, there's a sight to be seen under the stars.

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