The longer I live here the more cool discoveries I'm making. The City of Delta is one of those cool places.

I had no idea how awesome the City of Delta is. Art fans will love the "City of Murals." There's art everywhere with over 15 murals, sculptures, and floral displays all along Main Street and throughout town.

Ray Michaels

It boasts a very cool main drag. HWY 50 cuts right through town with dozens of great shops, restaurants, and bars on both sides of the road.

Ray Michaels


Of course, it has its parks and places to hang out. Confluence Park is 262 acres of grass, foot and bike trails, swim area, picnic sites, stocked fishing lakes, river access, and a fitness course.

Ray Michaels

Don't forget Devil's Thumb golf course. Located in the foothills north of Delta, the course offers a unique blend of characteristics. The style is described as a "prairie style" course. Having spent several years in the great State of Kansas, I've seen more than one prairie course.

I could go on and on. No doubt, Delta is a cool place to hang for a weekend or just an afternoon. For those of you that live there, congrats and enjoy your "City of Murals! "

FYI. Delta is also the "official" home of 95 Rock. It's our "city of license." I must say I'm proud to call it "home", at least in Federal Communications Commission terms. Delta rocks!