Move over Trent Reznor! There's another top rocker being parodied in a new video making the rounds. The clip is titled 'The Greatest Hit of Disturbed' and it takes aim at Disturbed frontman David Draiman.

Filmed like an infomercial for a new release, the video features bald-headed actor Brandon Muller (vocals actually provided by Archie Wilson) providing many Draiman-isms, from the Disturbed singer's straitjacket and Hannibal Lecter-mask to his familiar chin rings down to some of the shirts he's been known for wearing. No detail is spared.

But the biggest jab comes in the form of Draiman's distinctive vocal pattern, with Muller delivering lots of "yuh-nuh-muh-yuh's" while clearly taking on 'Down With the Sickness,' 'Liberate' and other Disturbed favorites. But while there is some humor to be found, there's also some pretty harsh commentary from the video's creator, NonRandom Nonsense.

The narrator serves up such lines as, "With their unique style and self-imposed limited creativity, no man has ever done more with less than Disturbed," and 'This is the definitive collection for fans of repetitive vocal phrasing." The final jab comes in the form of the announcer declaring, "The greatest hit of Disturbed is available in two CDs …. or one single song MP3 download. Buy it now before supplies last forever."

That all said, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and along with the video, the creators posted this message: "Disclaimer: We actually like Disturbed even more than Linkin Park. It's fun to poke fun of things you love."

Update: If you were wondering how David Draiman himself would react, he calls the video "f---ing hysterical" in a Facebook post.