When Metallica and Lou Reed released their collaborative album Lulu in 2011, it was the last full-length disc released by Reed before his death. While Reed was quoted as saying it was “maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever,” it mainly received negative reviews from fans and music critics.

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on Saturday night, Reed’s widow, Laurie Anderson, addressed the crowd and mentioned Lulu. According to Rolling Stone, she said the project had one famous fan. “One of his last projects was his album with Metallica, and this was really challenging, and I have a hard time with it. There are many struggles and so much radiance. And after Lou’s death, David Bowie made a big point of saying to me, ‘Listen, this is Lou’s greatest work. This is his masterpiece. Just wait, it will be like Berlin. It will take everyone a while to catch up.’”

She went on to defend Lulu saying, “I’ve been reading the lyrics and it is so fierce. It’s written by a man who understood fear and rage and venom and terror and revenge and love. And it is raging. Anyone heard Lou sing ‘Junior Dad’ will never forget the experience of that song, torn out of the Bible. This was rock 'n' roll taken to whole new levels.”

Reed passed away in 2013 after complications from liver disease. As for Metallica, they are currently writing a new album. Last week, Kirk Hammett said they are about 25 to 30 percent of the way through the new music and that they have written some great songs, but are trying to sort through all of their material.

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