Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has been vilified for his beliefs and actions for quite a while now. His take on controversial subjects has created a "what will he say next?" stigma which has followed the musician throughout many albums and tours. In Mustaine's latest WTF moment, the frontman kicked a fan out of Megadeth's June 5 show in Manchester, England, calling the fan a "c--t" and a "f--got" during a pause between songs.

According to this fan-filmed footage, Megadeth left the stage for 15 minutes during their British concert. MetalSucks reports that the delay was due to technical issues that affected the lights, which isn't too odd of an occurrence during live shows, but one fan decided to boo Megadeth once the band returned to complete their set. Mustaine quickly ordered that the heckling fan to be kicked out of Manchester Academy, but Megadeth's main man used some politically incorrect language.

"You look like Eminem, you stupid c--t," begins Mustaine. "Listen, you guys paid a lot of money to come see us play and I don't want to stand here in the dark. Part of the whole Megadeth show is us smiling and making that connection with you. Get the f--- out of here, get this guy out of here, you [indecipherable] b-tch." Come up here, I've got a big c--k for your face. Stick that finger right up your ass, you little f--got."

Megadeth just released their fourteenth studio album, 'Super Collider,' on June 4. Wondering if you should pick it up? Check out our review of the disc. Also, Megadeth will embark on the 2013 Gigantour beginning July 3 in Gilford, N.H.