I've come across many cool-themed restaurants in my life but the theming on this particular local family-owned restaurant right here in northern Colorado is my favorite.

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Hidden Gem Elf-Themed Restaurant In Colorado

Weekends are usually a time when you can get together with the fam and go get some delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sometimes it's hard to find a place that everybody likes and agrees on so it can be more trouble than it's worth. We had that issue in my family until we found our new go-to spot, a local family-owned restaurant less than a mile from our home with one of the most fun themes my family has ever seen.

Elf Grill in Dacono, Colorado

E.L.F. Grill in Dacono is owned and operated by Ryan and his amazing family, and serves up some of the best homestyle and family recipe food you'll find. E.L.F. stands for Everybody Loves Food, and you'll absolutely love the food here. Plus, if your family has ever participated in the Elf on a Shelf fun, you'll love this place even more because they have elves all over the restaurant. Here are some pix of some of their delicious homestyle food.

Their signature dish is the ELF. I'm not a green chili guy but my wife loves this and gets if every time we go.

Their french toast is really good, this picture does it no justice.

Their famous Cinnamon Swirl French Toast is the bomb dot com

This and their PB&J Burger are so good.

The ELF challenge! Finish this in one hour and it's free, plus you get a shirt and a $25 gift certificate for ELF. Good luck!

E.L.F. Grill is just east of I-25 at the Dacono/Erie exit at 102 8th Street in Dacono and is worth the trip for sure.

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