Colorado State University rolls out its new campus craft brewery.

Back in my day I may have not ever got into radio if a craft beer degree was an option. It's actually a Fermentation Science Degree that's offered at Colorado State University. Thanks to an equipment donation from the Molson Coors company CSU students can now brew beer for class credit. The brewing system was previously used at a Vancouver hockey arena and was assembled on campus with assistance from the CSU engineering department. The 264-gallon brewing system at the Lory Student Center is the largest at any 4-year university in the country! It can produce about 17 kegs per batch!

The student craft beer will eventually be available on tap at Ramskeller, the on-campus bar that’s been serving beer since 1969. The plan is to have the "home brew" for sale at next year's CSU football games.

Our students at CSU will now have an advantage over others wanting to get into the brewing industry,” said emeritus professor Jack Avens, who taught CSU’s brewing science course for 22 semesters. “Our students will have already brewed on and had experience with the type of equipment in the industry." Avens and a grad student started CMU's brewing course back 2005.

With craft beer such a big deal in Colorado shouldn't Colorado Mesa University consider starting a similar program? With several local breweries in and around Grand Junction it seems completely possible to pool their efforts and offer a similar degree program at CMU.

“The craft brewing industry is a big part of Colorado’s economy,” CSU President Tony Frank said. “Preparing people to be the next generation of the educated workforce in the economy of Colorado is one of the things a land grant university like CSU has existed to do since 1870.”

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