Update: Cradle of Filth will not miss any more than the four shows stated. The band revealed in a new Instagram posting that they're on their way and will resume the tour in Charlotte. Their comments can be read below: 

Cradle of Filth are on their way to see all their U.S. fans!! The band will be flying out Saturday to begin the tour in Charlotte Sun 31st Jan. 

Cradle of Filth would like once again apologise to everyone who were intending to see the band at the four cancelled shows this week in the U.S. The cancellation, ironically, was mainly down to the slow return of Dani's visa from the American Embassy in London, rather than the brutal weather. Dani has now received his visa after an agonising wait. We're utterly utterly sorry for the cancellations, but it has been something that has been totally out of the band's hands. We can only hope that the rest of the tour will be as amazing as planned.

Thanks once again for your understanding and see you out on the road! #Cradleoffilth #US #canada #inquisitionaltorture #danifilth

Ah the dreaded Visa! It's something that bands that tour worldwide have to constantly make sure is in order as they travel to foreign countries and can often cause headaches when trying to iron things out. Cradle of Filth know this all too well as they are currently having to cancel a handful of dates due to travel Visa issues.

Dani Filth checked in via the band's Facebook page to announce the cancellation (at least for now) of the first four shows of their U.S. tour. "We are doing everything in our power to rectify this situation as fast as possible," says Filth. "It is a nightmarish situation for all and we can only apologize for all those fans who have bought tickets. Thank you for your understanding and please be assured we are doing everything we can to be with you as soon as is humanly possible and that should be Jan. 31 in Charlotte, N.C. We look forward to seeing you then."

The shows affected by the cancellations include stops in Philadelphia (Jan. 26, Theater of Living Arts), Boston (Jan. 27, House of Blues), Baltimore (Jan. 28, Soundstage) and Raleigh (Jan. 29, The Ritz). For refunds, fans are directed to contact the point of purchase.

Once they arrive stateside, Cradle of Filth will kick off dates with support from Butcher Babies and Ne Obliviscaris. See their full itinerary here.

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