When you head to a fancy restaurant, you expect good service.  But when you go to a fast food restaurant, you kind of get what you pay for.  In the case of this Illinois couple, they actually got a little more than what they paid for!  So why are they complaining?

Nancie and Martyce Murphy of Naperville, IL recently went through the drive-thru at their local Burger King.  When they got home and unwrapped their burgers, they noticed that there were explicit messages written on the burger wrappers.  Shocked, they called the restaurant and spoke with the manager, who denied everything.

The next day, they spoke with a supervisor, who investigated the matter a little further.  An employee finally admitted to the writing, stating that they just had a bad day.  The employee was fired and the rest of the employees now have to go through more training...to train them not to write "F**k You" on burger wrappers?  That's really necessary?

$15 an hour, folks. $15 an hour.

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