Now that Major League Baseball has a new commissioner could he be the one who puts Pete Rose in to the Hall of Fame? It has been some 25 years since Rose has been banned from baseball, that's a long time to hold a grudge.

I'm not saying Rose was right for gambling on baseball but I think he has spent enough time the corner. Pete Rose is one of the greatest players to ever play the game, just look at his numbers.

Had he not gotten in trouble for gambling he would of been a first ballot Hall of Famer no question. The question now becomes when will baseball forgive?

Right now baseball acts like a scorned lover who will never forgive. Come on you have to let it go so you can heal. Isn't that what they say? And isn't this the country of second chances?

Well, there is hope. New Commissioner Rob Manfred has said publicly that he expects to have that conversation with Rose and his attorneys. Does that mean this long feud will finally come to an end? One can only hope this is the case.

Because of his ban there is a whole generation of baseball fans that really don't know about 'Charlie Hustle' and his 4,000 plus hits. It's time for baseball to open the doors to Cooperstown and let Pete Rose in.