Just last month, Corey Taylor teased that Slipknot have something "massive brewing," and it's quite possible that he just revealed that that "something" is a concept album.

Speaking with Matt Pinfield for his KLOS show New & Approved (as seen below), Taylor did his best to dance around details while still offering a little scoop. "I can't say too much about it, and I can tell you that currently, we've compiled a lot of material, me and Clown have talked about something really, really cool if we could pull it off," the singer started.

Then he told Pinfield, "There's a chance that it could be conceptual if we can really do it right. The music is brilliant, it expands on what we did with We Are Not Your Kind and kind of blossoms from there."

He continued, "The great thing is, it's got not only that, but it's got everything that you would want from a Slipknot project - there's the heavy stuff, there's the dark stuff, there's the melodic stuff, there's the weird stuff. We have so many different flavors that we can play with that now, at this point, it's just us mixing and matching and seeing what excites us."

The singer concluded, "That's all I can say for right now but I can tell you that it's really, really good. We're entering a realm that we've never been and that to us is exciting. Especially after all of these years, we pride ourselves on always being able to try and top ourselves, and if we can pull this off, this may be the ultimate top ourselves."

During the chat, Taylor also revealed a bit of a revised work schedule, explaining that his plan to immediately jump into his second solo album didn't happen as quickly as he thought it might.

"That may still happen, just not as quickly as I was thinking. It's sounding like I’m gonna do some Slipknot here shortly, but we'll circle back to that," explained the vocalist. He added that everything has been demoed for his second solo set and it will be ready for him to record when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Taylor also recently teased plans for a brief solo tour this spring with lots of thought put into safety measures. Dates and venues have not been revealed but an announcement will likely come soon.

Corey Taylor Speaks With Matt Pinfield on KLOS' New & Approved

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