We're just 22 days into 2016, but cops in Nether Providence Township in Pennsylvania feel as though they have already busted the dumbest criminal of the year. So, you know this guy has to be a real idiot.

This piece of s--- broke into an old woman's house in the middle of the night, woke up the 70-year-old and demanded money from her at gunpoint. She didn't have any, so he forced her to drive to the bank and get $2,000. She could only get $460, so he told her to meet her back at the bank the next morning with the balance of the cash. Oh, he also told her not to call the cops. So, of course she called the cops. Guess what happened next?!?

This idiot somehow thought that he wouldn't get busted when he showed up the next day to meet the woman, still wearing the same clothes as the night before. Not surprisingly, he was arrested.

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