Comedian Craig Gass is in town for a gig this weekend and stopped by the studio this morning to hang out for a little while. We hadn't talked to Craig since he joined us at Radio Row at Super Bowl 49 in Phoenix back in January.

We were a little worried about Craig because he sent Free Beer a text at 5 a.m. one day last week saying he'd be in town "for a while." After checking his schedule, we realized he had nothing scheduled at the time, but he clarified things for us, saying that he was in town because he was following around Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, and they have a show here this weekend. Uh, okay. He said he schedules his shows around fun, like concerts, Seahawks, and Mariners road games.

Craig told us a bunch of funny stories including creeping out Seth MacFarlane the first time he met him, prank calling Tom Arnold as Sam Kinison, and a ridiculous story about meeting Kenny G backstage at a Slayer concert.

Craig has a show this Friday at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Mich., which you can get tickets for here.

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