It’s got to stop. There are those that have taken on the challenge of teen suicide and a special event is scheduled on the CMU campus later this month.

Recently a local Grand Junction High School graduate has garnered nearly 900 signatures in an online petition and that's reignited the conversation on how to address and prevent student suicides. Since August three current or former Grand Junction High School students have taken their own lives. The problem is partially troublesome for female students.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

The local non-profit "Wake Up" is on the front lines of this issue. It’s a ministry that reaches out to middle and high school girls and their mothers. There's an event scheduled for January 27th, at the CMU ballroom. It's not only informative but fun. There's a band, teaching, and real interaction between kids and their mentors. The event is free and will be promoting Wake Up's new series called "Becoming Love  This online series will help girls to become leaders, over-comers, victors, and learning to live a life that others will want to follow.

According to Wake Up founder, June Fellhauer "With all the suicides that have taken place here in Grand Junction we really wanted have a positive impact on these girls and a solution to the problem.  We know that kids without a vision perish or go down the wrong road. We want to help them get a five year vision and a strategy to get there.  We will help them get mentors/coaches and tools to succeed".

If you have a daughter, a nice, or know a young lady that would benefit from an event like this I would suggest making plans to attend.  Find out more by clicking HERE.

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