Which Colorado Wildfire burned the most land?

As you ponder that question, ponder this. The 2018 wildfire season is predicted to be one of the worst ever. According to the National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook for 2018, is shows nearly 75% of Colorado is still deficient when it comes to annual precipitation. The report goes on to say..."Continued drought and predicted temperature and precipitation patterns during the spring, above average fuel loading, and increasing cases of warm, dry and windy patterns through May are also expected to exacerbate the above average fire risk...Snowpack is near historical minimums over the mountains of southern Colorado, and above average large fire activity (especially June) is highly correlated to years with very low spring snowpack. June-August core fire season acres burned is forecast to be above average for the first time since 2012."

Last weeks wildfires closed I-70 and the fire near the Monument burned power lines and knocked out power to 3 of our radio stations transmitter sites. If this is just the start of what's in store for the summer of 2018, this could be one for the record books.

Worst Colorado wildfires by total acres burned...

#5- 2012 Last Chance Fire- Burned 52,000 acres

#4-2002 Missionary Ridge Fire-Burned 71,739 acres

#3-2012 High Park Fire-Burned 87,250 acres

#2-West Fork Complex-Burned 109,632

#1-2002 Hayman Fire-Burned 138,114 acres

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