For the 12th consecutive month, Colorado marijuana sales have topped $100 million. A year of record sales. When is Grand Junction going to cash in?

I can't have a conversation with anyone from back home without the eventual questions about legal weed. "So what's it like?" "They have weed stores where you live?" I answer "sort of" and then go on to explain that there are no dispensaries in Junction and here's why.

I know, just because everybody else is doing it, isn't a good excuse to do anything. However, I have a sneaky suspension that the elected officials and politicians in neighboring countries and over in the capital building aren't going to reverse their decision of making recreational marijuana sales legal anytime soon.

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The fact is, sales continue to grow. Colorado marijuana in May hit $127.7 million. No, that's not a record. That would be the month of March when total sales topped $131 million. Those numbers are according to Colorado's marijuana tax data. Imagine what some of that tax revenue would do for the city of Grand Junction? The industry continues to expand but the growth will eventually taper off and nobody wants to be on the backside of the "boom." The fact is that if the city wants to cash in, now is the time. By the way, the next time you drive up the road and make a purchase, check the receipt. Listed along with your order are state, county, and city taxes collected from you. It adds up to about %20 of the deal. Will Grand Junction wait for another year of $100 million per month revenues before they jump in the game?


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