Medical and recreational marijuana have both been legal in Colorado for nearly a decade and because the state was one of the first to implement the legalization, it’s kind of served as a guinea pig as far as regulation of the plant goes.

Legalization Introduced Colorado to Concentrates and Edibles

One major change that came with the legalization of marijuana has been the rise in the use of concentrates and edibles. Prior to legalization, it seemed like the most popular way to consume THC in edible form was things like brownies. However, edibles come in all shapes and colors nowadays and vary in how much THC is actually in the products.

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Legalization has also introduced the masses in Colorado to concentrated forms of the active ingredient that can be ingested via smoking or vaporizing. You may have heard of new terms like ‘glass,’ ‘shatter’ and ‘dabs,’ all of which are highly concentrated forms of THC.

The New Law Regarding Colorado Concentrates and Edibles

The law, signed into effect by Governor Polis back in June, will make it so that concentrates and edibles sold in dispensaries for both medical and recreational use, will be much more restricted.

Colorado House Bill 1317 will “expand tracking of medical patient purchases, restrict the daily purchase limit of medical marijuana concentrate purchases from 40 grams to 8 grams for those 21 and older, and enact tighter packaging and labeling guidelines for both medical and recreational marijuana concentrate products.”

The Debate Regarding Colorado Concentrates and Edibles

A hearing took place to decide how to implement the new law, which had pro-marijuana advocates arguing that some patients should be allowed to buy more than 8 grams based on things like the severity of their condition, the availability and proximity of dispensaries, and patients’ age.

Another topic discusses was exactly what the new packaging will look like and the size of portions of concentrates and edibles that dispensaries should be allowed to sell.

What’s Next For Colorado Concentrates and Edibles?

House Bill 1317 will be further discussed in four more hearings, set to take place August 11th, 16th, 20th, as well as September 14th, 2021, with a final deadline of November 1st.


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