Doomsday Central sounds like a great title for a movie, but this is far from fantasy. The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado Springs is continually being readied for an  unthinkable cataclysmic event.

Deep inside the mountain is five acres of national defense technology, and the means to sustain life for an indefinite period of time. The command center monitors homeland security as well as foreign nuclear threats. It's been reported that this command center could withstand a 5 megaton nuclear blast. That is as much explosive power as all the explosives used in the second world war.

According to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, there are at least 23,000 nuclear weapons in existence, with about 2500 on high alert, meaning they could be launched at a moment's notice.

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, talking about the U.S. missile defense system was recently quoted as saying:

"If we are attacked, in certain circumstances we will of course respond with nuclear weapons.”

Of course, you and I will never reach the inner sanctums of Doomsday Central, but it probably doesn't matter. If the day ever comes when it becomes necessary to make Doomsday Central fully functional and operational, there may be nobody alive on the outside  to save and protect anyway. We certainly hope and pray that day never comes.

Check out this fascinating tour inside Doomsday Central.