When you think about it, car insurance and boob jobs don't really seem to be two subjects that end up in the same conversation very often, if at all. But what happens if you have fake boobs, get into a car wreck, and one of them ruptures? Should the insurance company have to pay to fix your chest? 

That is basically the battle that is brewing in Colorado right now. The woman who talked to 7NEWS in Denver about the incident asked for them to keep her identity a secret. She told the news station that that the ruptured implant causes her to feel "broken" and like "less of a person."

The insurance policy says that it covers "reasonable and necessary" medical treatments caused by the accident. But there is nothing in state law or in division of insurance regulations that addresses cosmetic surgery coverage. However, state law does say that if someone suffers an injury, sickness or disease as a result of the use or operation of a vehicle that the medical care should be covered.

The insurance company is telling the woman to have the surgery first, then submit receipts for reimbursement. But she isn't sure she will be reimbursed.

I say they should at least pay to have her other one removed so she isn't walking around with one A-cup and one DD... I'm sure bra shopping isn't easy at the moment! Tell us what you think in the poll below.