Wildfires can break out year-round in Colorado. Since the 1970s, Colorado has endured a major wildfire somewhere in our state during each month of the year at one time or another.

Interactive maps at fireweatheravalanche.com is a simple to use site that shows the status of wildfires across the country.

When is Wildfire Season in Colorado

Wildfire Season in Colorado used to be a 4 month-long event that took place during the summer months. It's a year-round affair in 2022. Recent years have seen an increased initiative for preparedness throughout the state no matter what time of year it is.

How Many Wildfires are on the Colorado State Map in 2022?

The following wildfires are currently a part of the "live" wildfire map found at www.fireweatheravalanche.org

A Closer Look at Each Fire on the 2022 Colorado Wildfire Map

Scroll through the 2022 Wildfire statistics below to see the location of each fire, the current status of the blaze, how large it is, along with the units responding to each fire.

Here are All the Colorado Wildfires in 2022

We're keeping a running list of wildfires in Colorado in 2022. See the wildfires that crews around the state are dealing with this year. We sure appreciate our firefighters, first responders, forest rangers, and park rangers. Thank you for all you do.

MORE: Colorado's 20 Largest Wildfires of All Time

Colorado's 20 largest wildfires have all taken place since the year 2000.

MORE: Mesa County Stage 1 Fire Restrictions: What You Can + Cannot Do

What exactly constitutes Stage 1 Fire Restrictions? According to the press release from the Mesa County Fire Chief's Association, Stage 1 Fire Restrictions prohibit:
  •  Personal use of fireworks
  • Campfires outside of designated fire pits or fire rings
  • Agricultural open burning without a Sheriff’s issued burn permit
  • Use of explosive targets
  • Smoking outside near combustible materials

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