We all have our favorite Walmart store, and there are plenty to choose from all across the great state of Colorado.

While shopping at the superstore it's likely that you've passively heard short intercom announcements from time to time referred to as codes, but have you ever wondered what they mean?

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Some of the codes heard over the intercom at these Walmart stores may indicate something that you have no reason to worry about like a spill, but other codes may actually indicate danger.

Keep scrolling to learn about these Walmart intercom codes.

Colorado Walmart Codes: Non-Emergency Codes

First, we'll take a look at the codes that don't signify danger. For example, if you hear a Code 15 or 60, that means that an employee is notifying their coworkers that they're going to take a break.

Code 20 indicates that an employee needs a break, Code A indicates that a spill needs to be cleaned up, and Code C indicates that a customer needs assistance.

Colorado Walmart Codes: Emergency Codes

While the aforementioned codes represent scenarios in which customers wouldn't need to be alarmed, there are plenty of other codes that indicate possible danger.

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These codes include Red (fire,) White (injury,) Orange (chemical spill,) Brown (active shooter,) Green (hostage situation,) and Blue (bomb threat.)

It's important to maintain order during any of these emergencies, but if you hear Code Adam at a Walmart store, you may want to pay attention as this announcement signifies that child abduction is taking place.

Other Colorado Walmart Codes

Finally, one Walmart intercom code doesn't alert employees to danger but could be rather exciting to hear.

Code B will come over the Walmart intercom if a celebrity or VIP visitor has entered the store, so you might want to look over your shoulder in case a movie star happens to be shopping in your aisle.

Keep scrolling to take a look at all of the intercom codes you may hear at a Colorado Walmart store:

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