Traffic jams in Colorado don't always resemble your usual traffic jams. Instead of this traffic jam being full of cars, trucks, and bikes, it's full of pronghorns.

This video was shot in Westcliffe this morning and show a very Colorado traffic jam. Tyson Myers was forced to stop to let a huge herd of pronghorns cross the road.

Dozen and dozens or pronghorns crawl underneath a fence on onside of the road and run across the road to attempt to crawl underneath another fence. There are a lot of pronghorns crossing the road and only a small space for them to crawl through when they get to the other side.

I can only guess that Tyson was waiting in the traffic jam for a while. I know I wouldn't get too close to these little antelope-like creatures, just think what they could do to your car.

It's always important to pay attention while you're driving, especially when you can come across traffic jams like this. I'd take this traffic jam over a regular one any day.

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