Get ready for the most adorable mayoral election ever as a small Colorado town seeks to replace its previous mayor of two years, a mule, with another animal.

What is Going on With this Colorado Town's Adorable Election?

You may recall a couple of years ago that the small town of Divide, Colorado elected a mule by the name of Clyde to be mayor. Well, as with anything, all good things must come to an end and Clyde's term is about to be over.

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In keeping up with the spirit of having an animal as the town's mayor, Divide is planning on electing a new furry (or not so furry) friend to watch over things.

What Kinds of Animals Are Running for Mayor in Divide Colorado?

Divide's mayoral race is being run by a total of 13 candidates currently, seven of which are dogs, with an additional dog running for vice mayor.

In addition, residents of Divide are currently choosing between several other potential mayors including a wolf named Fender, a cat named Mango, a cow named Pumpkin, a horse named Tiny, a bearded dragon named Waffles, and another cat whose running mate is the aforementioned dog named Daisy and Ella, respectively.

While all in good fun, the mayoral election is operating like a human political race would in many ways, with the primaries taking place currently.

However, one difference is that residents must pay to vote, but the proceeds go to a good cause. Each vote costs $2 and residents can vote as many times as they want, with the money raised going directly to the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter.

Check out the animal shelter's website for more info, as well as photos of each candidate.

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