There are quite a few awesome, man-made structures in Colorado that have amazing stories behind them. One of these structures is located right in the heart of the town of Longmont; a structure that resembles a Japanese temple that is known as the Tower of Compassion.

History of Colorado's Tower of Compassion

The story behind the Tower of Compassion dates back to a Japanese man by the name of Goroku Kanemoto's immigration to the United States back in 1910.

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Kanemoto raised a family in Colorado and worked a variety of jobs over the years while simultaneously becoming a leader of sorts in the local Buddhist community.

Goroku would pass away in 1935 but his sons would continue his work in the Buddhist community and would donate the Tower of Compassion to the city of Longmont in 1966 where it stands to this day in Kanemoto Park, which is named after the family.

What Does Colorado's Tower of Compassion Represent?

As you'll see below, the Tower of Compassion has five different levels with five different roofs, much like you'd find in Japan. There is a plaque at the park that explains what each of the five stories represents.

The five levels represent love, empathy, understanding, gratitude of all things, and giving selflessly to oneself, all inspired by the teachings of Buddhism.

The Tower of Compassion and Kanemoto Park are open to the public, and border Longmont's Left Hand Creek.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of the beautiful Tower of Compassion in Longmont, Colorado:

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