Tommyknockers have been in Colorado mines since the beginning of time. Well since the Cornish miners brought Tommyknockers with them to Colorado in the 1860s.

Since then, they've been a part of Colorado's crazy legends. Tommyknockers are the reason Telluride kicks their Fourth of July off with a bang and the reason for a brewery in Idaho Springs.

'Ave you 'eard of the Tommy Knockers
In the deep dark mines of the west
Which Cornish miners 'ear?
And 'tis no laughin' jest,
For I'm a Cornish miner,
An' I'll tell you of it today,
Of the "knock-knock-knock" of a tiny pick,
As we work in the rock and clay.

- Old miner's ballad

Tommyknockers are small, grizzly creatures that live underground. The further you go into a mine, the more likely you are to awaken a Tommyknocker. They take their fashion advice from miners by dressing the same, only in miniature versions.

The nickname 'knocker' comes from the sounds these little creatures would make before a mine caved in. Tommyknockers are believed to knock on the mine walls as a warning to the miners. Some believe the Tommyknockers caused the cave-in, while others believe that the knocks led them to richness or were just good signs.

Some believe Tommyknockers are still present in Colorado mines today. There have been multiple experiences of people hearing their names whispered in a mine in Idaho Springs.

People have also seen multiple apparitions at the Phoenix Ghost Mine which has sparked multiple paranormal investigations, including an appearance on the show Ghost Adventures. It only makes sense that an adjacent Brewery in Idaho Springs is called Tommyknocker Brewery.

Telluride kicks off their Fourth of July celebration every year with a tribute to the Tommyknockers. Telluride brings in every Fourth of July with a bang -- starting at 6 a.m. sharp.

An explosion is set off in the mountains to commemorate Telluride's history. Legend says that the Tommyknockers would create an explosion at 6 a.m. in the mines and Telluride is keeping the tradition going.

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