It was originally designed to help restaurants get through the dark times of the 2020 pandemic, and now it's one step closer to being permanent.

As we continue to open up and return to a more normal way of living, the memory of the nightmare of 2020 is gradually fading. Restaurants were some of the hardest-hit businesses in the Grand Valley when in-person dining was halted. Take-out dining became the big thing as restaurants struggled to stay afloat. To give them a boost, the state approved the sale of to-go alcohol - and now that may become the new normal.

Colorado House Approves To-Go Alcohol Measure

According to 9 News, the executive order from Governor Jared Polis was scheduled to expire this summer. However, on Wednesday, the Colorado House of Representatives unanimously approved HB21-1027 which would allow the sale of to-go cocktails to continue even after all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The measure now goes to the State Senate.

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It's Happening Across the Country

The Colorado Restaurant Association says 87% of restaurants in the state make revenue from alcohol to-go and delivery and that 85% of Coloradans support the idea of making alcohol to-go and delivery permanent. It looks like the Colorado legislature strongly supports the idea of allowing restaurants and bars to continue to sell and deliver alcohol for at least the next five years. Several states have already passed similar measures and many states appear to be following the same path.

Let's Help Colorado Businesses Recover

Although I don't personally order alcohol to-go or delivery, the idea makes sense to me. If people can order food and take it home, why not alcohol? It's a significant source of revenue for many restaurants trying to come back from what was a devastating year. If we can do something to help this part of the economy recover and support business owners and the jobs they provide, we should do it. It's another step in the right direction.

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