Colorado may see another business close its door for good in the near future. However, unlike many businesses that have had to shut down recently, you may not have even realized that this one existed. Keep scrolling to learn about the risque Colorado business that might be forced to close for being too naughty.

A Colorado Swingers Club

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The business is known as "The Office," but in reality, it's not an office at all. In fact, it's known as a "swingers' club," which is just as bad, if not worse, than it sounds.

As of now, The Office is located at 6886 South Yosemite Street in the Denver suburb of Centennial:

Google Maps
Google Maps

To get an idea of exactly what goes on in a swingers' club like this, The Office supposedly has listed inside the building prices for single males, single females, couples, weekend passes, and a VIP suite that offers "fun" and "debauchery."

There is also reportedly a sign asking clients to change their "own sheets," as well as simply the word "sex" written on the ceiling.

If this picture isn't clear enough yet, The Office also reportedly has a wide array of adult toys and other paraphernalia on the premises.

However, because The Office is filled with so much naughtiness, it may be soon forced to either move or shut down completely.

 What Might Happen to Colorado's Swingers Club?

A lawsuit was filed this past Monday, February 6th by the city of Centennial in an attempt to shut the business down, citing the lewd nature of the establishment.

However, the grounds on which the argument has been made are specific to the fact that the naughtiness takes place in a part of town where it is prohibited.

Essentially, the city has allocated areas east of I-25 for this type of thing, but the building is west of I-25 where it's not allowed.

So, will The Office be forced to move its naughtiness across the street or will it be forced to shut down completely? Time will tell.

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