The state of Colorado is near the bottom when it comes to Halloween candy money spent. How much will you spend?

According to a survey over the last couple of years, Coloradans spent an average of $12.37 per person on candy. That’s considerably lower than the national average of about $16. That ranks Colorado near the bottom of the list. In comparison, Oregon is tops with a whopping $40.29 spent per person! Washington comes in second at $28.63. The data was gathered by Denver-based app company, Ibotta.

I'm not helping the cause. I'm still at work when most of the kids make their rounds in my neighborhood. Needless to say, I spend zero dollars on candy. Back in the day, my mom's was one of the "cool houses" in the neighboorhood. She always handed out full sized candy bars! Snickers, Baby Ruth, and Three Musketeers were always loaded in her giant stainless steel bowl. The kids always made sure they hit her up first before she ran out of the good stuff.

How much do you spend? Are the little ghouls and goblins a welcomed site on your front porch or you laying low with the lights off hoping the doorbell doesn't ring?

The states of Vermont, Maine, Arkansas, New York, and Maryland lead the nation in spending the most on oral care products. Bah humbug! Sorry, wrong holiday, but kids, if someone drops a box of floss into your sack Tuesday evening, politely hand it back.

Another helpful tip, if you're buying candy this year Ibotta says the best day to buy is Oct. 27. The worst day is Oct. 30. Prices jump a few bucks on the day before Halloween. Of Course, November 1st and the days following are the absolute best to save on Halloween candy if you're cool with stashing it until next year. It's cool. The kids will never know.

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