Regardless of who you voted for in the last Colorado election, how do you feel about the state of affairs in the Centennial State? Are our lawmakers doing a good job?

We recently asked you on social media if there are any Colorado laws you would like our state to simply get rid of. To add your answer, just open our station app and hit the chat button to speak your mind with a text or voice message.

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Coloradans Beef With Lawmakers

We heard from several residents who feel some lawmakers no longer let the people have a say before changes are made. Executive orders are more popular than ever these days. Do you feel politicians ignore the voice of the people, or are these 'overnight' changes helping our state?

Laws Colorado Wants to Get Rid Of

Colorado is already sick of the 'no plastic bags' law. Others would like to see legalized recreational marijuana go away. Colorado's status as a sanctuary state is another law we heard about, in addition to gray wolves, income tax, and others who think residents of Colorado ought to be allowed to keep a raccoon as a pet. Keep going to see all the laws people want to get rid of.

When is the Next Gubernatorial Election in Colorado?

In case you are wondering the next election for Governor in Colorado will take place on November 3rd of 2026. Coloradans will also vote for Senate representation in November of 2026 as well.

Let's see what Western Colorado had to say about laws we wish we could get rid.

18 State Laws Colorado Residents Want to Get Rid Of

As Colorado residents, we're asking you what state laws you think are outdated or unnecessary. Would you get rid of the state income tax or something else? Scroll through the comments below to see which laws Colorado is ready to get rid of.

NEXT UP: Crazy Old Colorado Laws That Are Still Enforced Today

We all know that we need laws and law enforcement to keep our communities civilized. But it's amazing how many outdated laws are still on the books across our beautiful country.

After looking at OutThere Colorado and Uncover Colorado I put together a list of ridiculous laws that are still in effect here in the state that we call home.

MORE: Strangest Laws in Colorado You're Probably Breaking Right Now

We all try our hardest to follow the law, even when we don't agree with them. We took a look at some of Colorado's laws and discovered a few that make no sense at all.

We know drinking and driving is illegal, but did you know riding a horse while intoxicated is illegal. Or take a mule or donkey into a building could get you in trouble.

And whoever threw a missile at a car is someone we'd like to meet.

Take a look at Colorado's most outrageous laws on the books.

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