Ask anyone who loves spending time in the Rocky Mountains which town has the best view and you'll hear lots of people speak passionately about several different places in the Centennial State.

You can wait in line for your turn to go up Pikes Peak, or you can head to one of the mountain towns in the gallery below for a totally unique experience without the crowds.

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Smaller Colorado Mountain Towns with Amazing Views Are Never Far Away

Colorado is home to 15 beautiful mountain ranges and tons of small little mountain towns. Several communities ranging from 50 people to towns of 20,000 residents are peppered all over these different ranges. Colorado is home to more than 100 'Mountain Towns" that are nicely spread out all over the state. You don't have to stand in line at Pikes Peak for an incredible view. In fact, in many of these towns, you won't find any line at all.

Summertime Means Easier Access to Remote Places

Traveling through the mountains in Colorado during the winter can be difficult and downright dangerous. While many of the destinations in the photo gallery below are easy to get to, a few can be pretty tricky. We recommend you visit these mountain towns during the May to October window unless you are just getting a jump on planning a white Christmas.

Must-See Smaller Colorado Mountain Towns With Incredible Views

What would your road trip to Colorado mountain towns look like? If you could pick ten destinations which places would you tell others to go see? We'll get you started with 20 great suggestions below that include a few points of interest, and maps to help get you there.

These 20 Smaller Towns in Colorado Boast Amazing Views

See some of the most beautiful parts of Colorado by visiting these 20 smaller towns that boast million-dollar views of the Rocky Mountains. Find out more about these Colorado towns and what they have to offer for your next visit.

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Some say the Land O Lakes Overlook is one of the best views of the Grand Valley you can find anywhere on the Grand Mesa. Scroll through the photos below to find your way to the overlook and decide for yourself.

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