Water is important. It is the key to all life on this planet, and there needs to be enough clean, fresh water to go around. Because of this, water rights are extremely valuable and are often a hot topic in the state of Colorado.

However, it would now appear that some of Colorado's vital water could be in jeopardy as a man on the state's eastern plains has sold some of his land to the state of Nebraska.

Why is Nebraska Buying Colorado Land?

It has been reported that the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources has already purchased some land in Colorado to complete a project known as the Perkins County Canal.

The land was sold to Nebraska by a man named Ray Hendrix who resides in the small town of Holyoke, Colorado in the northeast corner of the state. It has been reported that so far, Hendrix has sold 90 acres of his land to the state of Nebraska for nearly $90,000 for the project.

What Problems Could Arise from Nebraska Buying Colorado Land?

This transaction is controversial because the Perkins County Canal, once finished and operational, will take water six months out of every year, which could pose problems for farmers and ranchers who divert the water into ponds for irrigation purposes.

While it appears that it could be quite a while until the canal, which is still in its design stages, will be built and become operational, local farmers and ranchers are understandably concerned for the future.

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