Unless you're an animal expert like Jack Hanna, Robert Irwin, or Dave Salmoni, you're probably afraid of at least one animal. Who knows, maybe the animal experts are just good actors?

Some animals are just scary. Of course, many people are afraid of snakes, and for a good reason, since some of them can be deadly to humans. Even if they're "nice" snakes, some people don't like how they look, slither, etc.

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Another animal that is typically feared by people is spiders. Countless horror films have been made using spiders, and even in captivity, they're not always the friendliest to humans.

Other animals like bears and mountain lions are found in the Colorado wilderness and if a person happens to be unlucky, can kill humans and eat them for dinner.

However, sometimes the animals that we fear the most are just scary to us for no real reason. Many people who have never seen a shark in person are terrified of them. Perhaps an animal is just especially ugly to someone and they freak out whenever they see a photo of said animal.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Colorado residents which animals they fear the most and this is what they said:

Colorado Residents Fear These Animals the Most

Naturally, the animals that are traditionally scary like snakes and spiders came up in response to my question, as did wild animals found in the Colorado wilderness such as bears and mountain lions, but not all of the answers were what you'd expect.

For example, Cheyenne is afraid of whales more than any other animal, Kristian is the most afraid of jellyfish, but the most popular answer wasn't an animal at all.

Keep scrolling to see all of the responses, including the unexpected most popular one:

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