Just south of Pueblo, Colorado sits a very small town by the name of Colorado City. The town doesn't have a whole lot of residents, businesses, or traffic and many of the people who pass through either do so on their way to the town of Rye or possibly to experience the natural beauty in San Isabel National Forest.

However, one fairly recent real estate listing shows that a unique home has not only been sitting in the plains of Colorado City since the 1970s but it is also currently for sale.

Unique Roundhouse for Sale in Rural Colorado

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The home was first built in 1973 which, likely coincidentally, was the same year that Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon. It was first sold a few years later in 1976 for around $33,000, then again in 1979 for $46,000, and finally sold again in 2002 for $96,000.

Located at 4829 Becknell Drive, Colorado City, CO 81019, the home is currently listed for $299,900.

The most unique thing about the home is its shape which, as you'll see below, is anything but traditional. The walls form a circular shape all the way around and the roof bears a striking resemblance to a flying saucer.

The home has a total of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage, with 1,816 square feet of living space.

While the property itself is just 0.27 acres, any neighbors in the area are quite a ways away, making the home a perfect place for peace and quiet.

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