Colorado Springs resident Rosa Mary DeSalvo died on September 6, 1995. Nearly 30 years later, police are still trying to find her killer.

According to a Facebook post from the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), officers learned of the 86-year-old woman's death around 8:40 a.m., when someone called about a body at the Citadel Village Apartments on Galley Road.

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Upon arrival, police discovered a deceased DeSalvo in her bed with apparent assault wounds. Investigators determined that her killer came in through the bedroom window and left through the front door.

Her caretaker, the last person to see her alive, had visited her the night before. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses to the actual crime.

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Despite interviews with numerous possible suspects, CSPD said they've never had enough evidence to make an arrest. Today, they're hoping to find the key to this case — and another one.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) believes DeSalvo's murder is connected to the killing of Marjorie Mock, a 96-year-old woman who died in the same apartment complex two months later on November 10, 1995.

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Police discovered that Mock passed away from blunt force trauma, which is also DeSalvo's cause of death.

"Due to the age range of the victims, location, and similar injuries it is believed these two homicides may be related," said the CBI. "The investigation into their deaths remains open."

If you have any information about these cases, please contact CSPD at (719) 444-7000.

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