Rocky Ford, Colorado is a small town on the state's eastern plains that is world-famous for its annual haul of delicious melons.

With a population of less than 4,000 residents, if it wasn't for the tasty melons that the town produces, most out-of-towners and even a good chunk of Coloradans might not have even been to, or heard of Rocky Ford.

While the melons are enjoyed all over, they all come from the same place on numerous farms around the area, but what's it like to actually visit one of these farms? Keep scrolling to find out.

What's it Like to Visit a Melon Farm in Rocky Ford Colorado?

If you keep scrolling, you'll be able to see what actually goes on at Knapp's Farm Market, one of a handful of popular melon producers in the Rocky Ford area.

Of course, first, the melons must be grown, a process that takes place in a large field and relies on the ideal weather conditions that are usually found in the area. Believe it or not, melons thrive the best under dry and hot conditions which are commonplace around Rocky Ford.

The melons are then harvested and embark on numerous trips along numerous conveyor belts where they are sorted, cleaned, and adorned with stickers that show customers where exactly their melons are coming from.

They are then boxed up and either sold on-site or shipped elsewhere to a number of different locations.

Keep scrolling to check out what really goes on at a Colorado melon farm:

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