Sometimes a little retail therapy in Colorado can make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world, but obviously, it comes at a cost.

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Shopping For Yourself VS Shopping For Others

Oftentimes it can be a lot easier to shop for others than yourself because you tend to justify the act as a good deed. Other times it's easier to shop for yourself because you already know exactly what you like and what you want.

Whether you shop for yourself or others, it can feel super nice either way. Plus, the holiday season is quickly approaching which means it's time to shop for both!

The True Price of Retail Therapy in Colorado

According to a survey by CouponBirds a whopping 1.6 million people in Colorado purchase things to make themselves feel better, AKA retail therapy.

That number equates to roughly over 1 in 3 people (36%) in Colorado shopping for the purpose of retail therapy instead of necessity.

CouponBirds crunched the numbers even further and determined that each retail therapy session typically costs Colorado shoppers an average of $212.95! That means that Coloradans collectively spend over $342 million on retail therapy sessions.

While Colorado certainly isn't the worst state when it comes to retail therapy, it also isn't the best either.

CouponBirds states:

The least dependent on a pile of shiny new purchases to make themselves happier are West Virginians; only 11%, or 159k people, are likely to go on a spending spree.

Maybe it's time to take some notes from West Virginia, or maybe its just time for more retail therapy to cope!

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