Today, (Wednesday, January 6th, 2021) has been a day of unrest in the United States, to say the least. President Donald Trump has been making allegations of mass voter fraud after President-Elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the latest presidential election, and because of this, protests have been taking place across the nation today.

The most notable protests were held in Washington D.C., and members of congress that represent Colorado have been affected by it. In fact, Colorado congressmen and women from both sides of the aisle denounced the protests because of the violence that was brought to the nation's capitol because of them.

A Colorado Democrat, Jason Crow, was one of many politicians that reported a feeling of being trapped as the protests ensued. He had this to say about the incident:

We didn’t know how we were gonna get out, but Capitol Police were able to clear a route and get us out.

On the other side of the aisle, Representative Ken Buck felt similarly about today's incidents, making this statement, after calling the events that unfolded "anarchy" after being safely relocated:

We’re anxious and happy to see the TV so we can see what’s going on at the Capitol. I hope the rioters understand there will be consequences for what they've done.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet also made a statement, saying that "today's attack on the Capitol and our democracy is dangerous and unacceptable."

A statement that hits close to home, made by newly elected Lauren Boebert of Rifle, also condemned the protests, Tweeting this:

I support peaceful protests and the rule of law, and denounce all acts of violence. I am grateful to the Capitol Police for their service. Thank you for keeping us safe.

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