It's 92 degrees right now in Western Colorado. Are you ready for a little snow? When can Coloradans expect the first snow for fall 2023?

Do you remember last March when most Colorado residents were praying for winter to end? Well, not long after, the state was dealing with record temperatures. Are you ready to get that snow back? Here's a look at historic first days of snow, and mean dates for snowfall for a handful of Colorado communities.

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Isn't It a Little Early To Be Talking About Snow?

The last day of summer for 2023 is Saturday, September 23. There are still 22 days of summer left. Isn't it a little early to be thinking about snow?

I'm a Regional Production Director for this radio company, and so far this week, I've produced three Christmas spots and one New Year's Eve spot. Considering it's only August 31, that seems a tad early.

Well, looking ahead to snow in Colorado is a worthwhile effort. One needs to think ahead when it comes to travel, getting in those last-minute summer activities, and getting vehicles ready for a change of season.

Early Snow In Colorado

Believe it or not, one Colorado city,  Colorado Springs, saw its first snowfall of the season as early as September 2. That was back in 1961. According to the National Weather Service, the following day, September 3, 1961, Colorado Springs received 4.2 inches of snow.

The Norm In Colorado

The early snowfalls shown above jumped the gun by a number of weeks. For some Colorado communities, the mean date for measurable snowfalls typically rolls around in late October or even early November.

What About Least Measurable Snowfall?

It's been a toasty summer. Who knows? The heat may roll into September, and Colorado may experience an extend-o-summer.

When it comes to "Latest First Measurable Snowfall," back in 2012 Alamosa didn't see snow until December 9. For Pueblo, it was December 10, 1963. In 2010, Colorado Springs didn't see measurable snowfall until November 28.

When Colorado Cities Can Expect First Snow Fall of 2023

When can we expect the first snowfall in Colorado for the 2023-2024 season? According to the National Weather Service, the mean date for the first measurable snow in the state of Colorado is October 18th. Oddly, the actual first snows in the state rarely fall on that date.

Here's a look at a number of records for the earliest measurable snowfalls around Colorado. Information comes courtesy of the National Weather Service, Extreme Weather Watch, and 9News.

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